chocolate bars and cheeese slices with filteres coffee in the middle

When we think of combining coffee with some other flavor, chocolate is one of the first options.
Why?Essentially because it’s very good. A small chocolate or chocolate-based pastisserie are good friends for your coffee at the bar, at home or in the office. There are even so many delicious coffee-based drinks with chocolate. It is a successful couple, definitely.A few years ago, on one of my first visits to the Coffee Lab ( – be sure to visit, when you are in São Paulo), I was offered a combination of coffee and cheese, as an alternative. Next to the coffee, they brought a delicious cream cheese on biscuit sticks. And it was really excellent! One flavor complemented the other in an incredible and somewhat unexpected way.
And, on second thought, in Brazil it is a tradition to have a coffee and eat a cheese bread (pão de queijo). They are an inseparable pair. Even Starbucks had to surrender and add it to the Brazilian menu.
If you have not yet tasted your coffee accompanied by soft cheese on a biscuit or toast, I suggest trying it. In the worst case, you may prefer to repeat your coffee with a chocolate to compare. Always a good reason to have another coffee.


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