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Many professionals, many companies have moved to the home office.

Others switched to remote working.

Others are halfway between these two.

But, what’s the difference? And how does that interfere, now that many places have reopened?

Home office basically happens when the person is part of the work at home in a specific situation. The company, or the office, is there. It is the main working environment. The entire work structure is designed for people to return to the physical work environment at some point.

Most professionals who are working from home during quarantine are in this situation. With the end of the quarantine, people gradually return to the work environment.

Remote working is different because in it people develop all Their work remotely. There is no need to be in the physical office. The professionals can even be in diametrically opposite places on the planet and this does not affect the company’s operation. It may even have been designed to work specifically that way.

As many people were pushed online even unexpectedly, it is interesting to see how the adaptation took place in different situations.
Note that I am not dealing here with activities that need to be done in person. You can’t do a manicure online. I deal here with services that can be done both in an office and remotely. Because, in this case, what will guide the choices is a combination of business culture, the configuration of work and the structure that people have at home.

There are companies with enormous difficulties that are waiting for the reopening to be able to operate normally. Others would like to increase their home office or go to remote work, but employees do not have enough structure in their homes to carry out their work properly. Whether for lack of a decent internet connection or lack of an adequate, physical environment to work. I think that the equipment itself would not be a problem because it would be provided by the company itself.

Others realized that there are advantages to having at least some of the work done remotely. They are already evaluating whether the office area can be reduced so that some people can be permanently remote. Including lower fixed expenses, such as rent and condominium. For companies that were making the transition to remote work, this new situation was only a catalyst. There will be no return to the physical environment. What I find really interesting is that so many people started to make this reflection simultaneously. How they are working, and how they would like to work. I don’t think everything will change, but a lot will be reassessed.

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